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Program evaluation addresses the need to identify whether programs/services are working as planned and/or are achieving intended outcomes. Malatest has completed numerous program evaluation assignments, ranging from small evaluability assessments to large, multi-year evaluations with budgets of more than $2 million.


We are also well positioned to provide comparative perspectives, as many programs evaluated in one jurisdiction can provide a baseline of comparison for programs to be evaluated in another jurisdiction (with client approval). Having offices in multiple locations (Victoria, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Toronto) facilitates such comparisons.

Performance Measurement

Malatest offers our clients the ability to monitor and track client/customer experiences and outcomes for the purposes of performance measurement. Organizations measure their performance so they can initiate improvements. Performance measurement systems help to identify, define, and assess whether an organization is meeting its goals and service standards. This research often involves ongoing tracking studies, as well as specific studies to identify awareness, penetration, product/service recognition and/or other measures.


Our researchers have performance measurement experience in the financial services, travel and tourism, transportation, healthcare, manufacturing, and retail sectors. In the public sector, our performance measurement clients include federal and provincial ministries, transit system operators, healthcare providers and crown corporations. We are involved in all stages of performance measurement from designing performance measurement frameworks, developing data collection systems and reporting on performance based on ongoing data collection.

Client Experience

Understanding that the voice and experiences of clients and customers support continuous quality improvement, we work with organizations to design, implement, analyze, and report on the client/customer experience. This includes a variety of data collection approaches (e.g. online, telephone, in-person, and mail surveys using a retrospective and/or point-in-time approach). Many of these studies have been supported by our Track & Field dynamic reporting tool. 

Custom Research

Malatest has the experience and capabilities to tackle the most challenging research projects. For example, these studies included organizing and conducting in-person health surveys with more than 5,000 federal inmates in 56 federal prisons across Canada, conducting surveys of visitors entering Canada at major airports and land border crossings, coordinating in-school surveys with thousands of kindergarten-aged children across Canada, and completing research with street youth and youth at risk of gang affiliation in isolated communities north of the 60th parallel.

Time Use

We have provided our clients with information to inform corporate planning, such as how many hours workers spend on tasks, which tasks, and the average length of the work week for salaried workers. We have also conducted time use studies to inform planning in areas such as public health, social services and education delivery, as well as transportation, urban planning, recreation and service planning.

Transportation Research

We have collected information from more than 1 million Canadians and thousands of businesses to inform transportation planning. We have developed custom software (Triptelligence™) to support this work. Our transportation research services include origin-destination/travel surveys, time travel studies, classification and occupancy counts, goods movement surveys, and other qualitative and quantitative consultations.

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Malatest offers a full suite of in-house survey services, including telephone, online, IVR, mail, and in-person surveying. We operate call centres in Victoria, Edmonton, and Ottawa, and have experience developing temporary facilities to support large-scale survey projects. We routinely complete more than 500,000 surveys per year and have a demonstrated track record of success.


We have helped clients determine the impact of their programs through Return on Investment (ROI) and Social Return on Investment (SROI) analyses. ROI examines the financial costs and benefits of a program, while SROI identifies the broader social or environmental values derived from a program or service. SROI allows program recipients to define the value they derive from the services provided, adding a client perspective to program impact.

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Market Research

We are a full-service market research agency providing comprehensive quantitative and qualitative market research services to a range of private and public sector clients. Areas of specialization include research relating to transportation financial services and client/public/business satisfaction with public sector programs and services.

Engagement & Facilitation

We regularly engage groups to answer our clients’ questions or help them improve group dynamics and work effectively together, leading to participatory decision making. Our engagement and facilitation activities have supported workplace improvements, informed infrastructure and transportation planning, and contributed to the development of new technologies.

Management Consulting

We have helped a wide range of organizations improve their performance and operations through strategic planning, assistance with change management, and improving business processes.

Research Standards

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards of competence, integrity, and transparency in conducting, analyzing, and reporting our work. You can be confident that the resulting research will lead to informed decision-making.

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